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Are you looking for Shopify stores for sale? Are you looking for where to get an online store? You can buy a Shopify store online on Exchange. Shopify store is an E-commerce website set to help merchants build, start, grow and manage your own business online with many in-built features and tons of apps. You can sell and market your products on your site and also across much other social media outlets. Shopify offers a comprehensive web developer complete with hundreds of themes and patternings ready to go out of the box. Also, Shopify is a good problem solver for those people looking to grow a business online.


Shopify store is very easy to use and it brings more options for your marketing operations. Growing your Shopify store is easy; firstly, you have to upload the product, product descriptions, quantity of the product and the payment/shipping orders. Secondly, you include a quality image of the products you want to market. Then lastly, you choose the marketing channels and where you want the product to be listed.

Signing up for a Shopify Store

You can only access and use the Shopify store when you have an account with the site. Creating is store can be quite easy. Follow the instructions below to create your Shopify store:

  • On your browser, go to
  • On the homepage of the platform, click on “Get started”.
  • You will be directed to a new page with a form. Fill in the right content into the form like your Email address, password and the store name you want to use. Then click on “Create your Store”.
  • A new form will be displayed “Tell us a little about yourself”. Fill it with the necessary details. Click on “Next” or you can tap on “Skip”. It is Optional.
  • A pop page will be displaced with a form “Add an address so you can get paid”. Fill it and click on “Enter my store” button.

After following the process above to create your shopify store, you will then be directed to your store.


How to Buy a Shopify Store

To buy a shopify store follow the instructions below;

  • Advance to the Shopify marketplace that can be accessed at
  • On the new page, you would find a list containing all of the Shopify stores for sale. This page also has sorting options to enable you to find your desired store without much stress. The sorting options include price sorting, revenue sorting, age sorting, business type sorting, and industry sorting. Use any of these options to customize the list.
  • When you find the store you are interested in click the “view listing” button below the price.
  • Click on “Contact Seller” on the page and verify your account.

After verification, wait for an email from the seller.

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