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Are you looking for the best single dating site for men and women in South Africa? If you are then you are in luck. This article has got all the necessary information you will need to access online dating platform with which you can easily find single men and women in South Africa that are ready for a relationship, either long or short term. You really should consider reading this article as you don’t know what it is you might find. There are lots of dating sites in South Africa but only a few know of these platforms.

Most people have reservations when it comes to online dating. Some persons actually think that it is creepy. Well this is not true. Online dating platforms are no longer the secretive last resort place desperate people go to seeking for relationships. Online dating platforms have now proven to be the new place to go to if you are looking for love and real relationships. These platforms are now the best and trending ways to meet singles all over the world. Regions all over the world have platforms that are unique to them. On the other hand, there are dating platforms that are unique to regions all over the world if you know what I mean. Since there are plenty of dating platforms such as the south African cupid out there where you can find singles ready to mingle, I will be making a list of the top platforms in South Africa where you can use to meet South African singles date.




Tinder is not just a dating platform unique to southern Africans, but it also available to all regions of the world. This platform is a very famous platform. And matching on this platform is based on physical attraction to one another. You get to select your preferences on the platform such as gender radius, age limit and that’s it. If you both swipe right then it’s a match! If you swipe left on a profile, it’s no. if you swipe right, that’s yes and you only get to talk to each other when you have both matched.


This is another global platform just like tinder. And fortunately, this platform and its services are available in South Africa and to South Africans. It is not just popular; it is also one of the largest dating online platforms in the world. This platform is very much similar t tinder. But on this platform, you do not match first before you send messages.


This platform is a very interesting platform. It is popularly known and referred to as the feminist tinder. Once two persons match on the platform, the lady is required to message first. This is how the platform works. Your matches on this platform are expected to last for 24 hours and after that it disappears. If your match ails to make a move, the match disappears forever. With this, men making use of other platforms will know the interest of a woman if really they are interested. If the 24 hour time is up without any interest from a girl, the other party can choose to extend the 24 hours period. But you can only do this to one person daily and that is bumble for you.


Singles Around Me

This platform is another popular platform and it can be accessible to South Africans. This platform is so unique in the sense that you can not only get access to people in your current location. But you can also browse through the profile of people in a farther location. You can immediately send messages and sinks to people who interest you. But first you will need to sign up to the platform first.


The last dating platform I will be writing about is the ‘predict ‘dating platform. This platform is funny. It allows you to indicate that you are free in the next few hours for dating. You can also set your preferences that you match with those that only share your intentions and other values. There is also a questionnaire on the platform that will allow you to match with people who answer certain questions like you.

There are other dating platforms that are available to South Africans on the internet today. You can search online. But most of these platforms are paid platforms.


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