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The Takealot App refers to South Africa’s online mobile shopping app that helps you find amazing savings on your every day festive gifts, essentials, entertainment, real-time tech, and so much more! Using this amazing app, you can just shop for everything you need, get your goods delivered to your doorstep, and find festive sales!



Takealot App

We all know that there are just so many online stores out there. However, you should know that these online shopping apps and websites all have locations they originate from. And today, we will be looking at one amazing shopping store from South Africa. Here, you get to shop and buy amazing gifts and items for your friends and family. Purchase gifts, engage in festive sales, ranging from tech to toys to entertainment to so much more that you just need. In all these, you should know that shopping has never been made so easy and secure then Takealot.

The Takealot App is a leading shopping app in South Africa. Buy great items at great prices through this easy to use and access shopping experience. What can you buy using this app? Toys, beauty products, books, cars and bikes, mobile phones and tablets, fashion products and accessories, health items, and so much more! Do you want to check out the amazing features of this app? Let’s dive in!


  • Online shopping made easy and secure
  • Enjoy festive sales and deals
  • Sales and discounts
  • Shopping and shipping
  • Affordable shopping
  • Save your money to buy cheaper products here

Purchase just anything you want and get it right to your doorstep. Download the Takealot App today and enjoy the rest of the moment!



This amazing shopping platform is available to you as a mobile app and an online website. You now know that you can get amazing products to buy right this site. What else can you do here? You can also sell your products too!

You can get your business to the millions of people who are available on this platform. So, if you have got products on sale and need to build an online presence, then you should check this out.

Right now, things have been made so easy, as you can access their services through the official app on your mobile phone.


Takealot Review

This amazing and helpful online retailer is one that sells several different products but specializes more on home entertainment items. This platform was established in the year 2002 and since then, it has been able to offer the sales of DVDs, books, games, music, computer software, hardware, and just so many other categories of products. How do they offer these services? Through its official online website and mobile app.

Online shopping on this site comes through easy registration of an account and checkout processes, while security and safety are also provided by the Thawte Digital Certificates. What else do you get? Here, you also get the chance to find out the details of the products and the expected delivery items.

Accepted payment methods on this site include; credit cards, internet banking, and direct deposits. How does delivery work? They deliver your items to you via CourietIt, which is direct to any door. They also deliver through SpeedServices, which is direct to any post office.


Takealot App Free Download

This app is available for download on Android and iOS phones. So, if you have the app store available on your device, follow the steps below to download.

  • On your smartphone, visit the app store
  • In the search bar within the app store, type in and search for “Takealot”
  • You will find search results on the next page. Tap on the very first app
  • Proceed further, as you click on “Install”, “Get” or any other download button on the page

This will begin the download of the app to your mobile device. That’s how it works.

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