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In the subject of video calling apps for desktop, it is tricky. A huge chunk of the market when it comes to video calling prefer making use of mobile devices. With that being said, it is quite a tough one to see which gets the top spot. But in all, I will be providing a list of the best video calling apps for desktop; therefore you don’t have to work yourself in looking for the best to make use of. There are lots of video calling apps for desktop; you should know this by now. So all of the apps I will be listing in this article are all worth it. They have been tested and trusted and you can, therefore, make use of them.


With the coronavirus pandemic still very much in play, video calling apps are now a thing of interest. Everyone is now looking for one video calling app or the other to make use of. Everyone is confined to their homes. With the social distancing in play, friends and family members are now separated and are therefore having issues with meeting and visiting in person. The only real thing next to seeing face to face is now video calling apps. Families and close connections are also scattered all over the globe and the need to keep in touch is now very much needed than ever. A very important stat we should all be concerned about here is that as the world gets smaller, the demand for these video calling apps is increasing. But another thing we should all be concerned about also is, which one is the best?



Top Video Calling Apps For PC

Note, there are many video calling apps for desktop, and I will admit that making this list was hard. Below are the top videos calling apps for desktop and they are;


WhatsApp being the first on this list may come as a surprise to some persons, but to others, it isn’t. This is one of the best instant messaging tools in the world right now. This video calling tool is windows 10 compatible. With this tool, you can connect to both video and message type chat. The video quality of this app is very high, making it one of the reasons; it is on the top of this list. it is free and simple to use and it also has flattering and cool camera filters.

Some of the features of this video calling app are;

  • You will have individual contact control/
  • The tool is very customizable and can be fitted to your own style
  • You also can send unlimited files using this app for free.

There are other features of this tool and you can access them when you make use of this tool.

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Another tool for video calling you should look out for is IMO. This too is a very effective tool in making video calls. This is an instant messaging app. It is not just only compatible with windows 10 running devices, it also has versions that are compatible with mac and mobile devices. There is a group messaging and group photo sharing feature on this app. Some of the features of this app are;

  • You can send voice messages instantly.
  • You can share multiple files across devices.

Lastly, you can also save, browse, and store your chat history.


The wire video calling too is the most secure video calling tool for PC. Trust me on this. If you are using a desktop running windows 10 and you don’t want to be traced or anything security-wise, this is the best tool to make use of. One of the best features of this tool is that it has end to end encryption feature. There is also a group calling for up to 10 participants. This video calling tool is also very adaptive. Whether your network is poor, this app will run smoothly.


This video calling tool is similar to wire in some ways. But this tool is targeted at a younger age bracket. This calling tool will let you call while you are playing or streaming a game. This tool is a very youthful video calling tool and in terms of privacy, it is one to look out for. One feature of this platform, that makes it very cool is its range of emoticons. There are some emoticons on this tool, which you never knew existed. There is also an onscreen notification feed and a screen snipping tool.

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Skype one of the most popular video calling tools in the world. It might come as a surprise to many that this app is the fifth in the list. There is nobody that does not know about this app. Skype was one of the earliest video calling tools that offered its services for free. It has some really cool features that make it very important in the world of video calling. There is a Skype credit that allows you to call mobile phones from your PC. You also get a Skype number which is the version on the online phone book. Other features include, call forwarding, Skype GO, and voicemail. Other top video calling apps that could have easily made this list are Google duo, ICQ, Tox and so many more.

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