West African Examinations Council 2020 – WAEC Starting and Ending 2020 | How to Register for WAEC 2020

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Do you want to get more details about the West African Examinations Council 2020? The WAEC is an examination board that is established by the law to determine the examination required in public interest for countries in West African that are English speaking countries only, in other to conduct examinations and to award certificates.


Table of Contents

  • History of WAEC
  • Establishment of WAEC
  • Vision of WAEC
  • Mission of WAEC
  • WAEC head offices
  • The WAEC Endowment Fund
  • WAEC starting and Ending 2020
  • WAEC 2020 Requirements for Registration
  • How to Register For WAEC 2020


West African Examinations Council 2020

In the year 1952, the council contributed to education in English speaking countries of West Africa (Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone) with the number of examinations coordinated and certificates they have issued out. Also, they formed an endowment fund, to contribute to education in West Africa, through those who cannot afford education and lectures.

Dr. Adeyegbe the former of HNO in WAEC, in Nigeria in the year 2004 said that “The council has developed a team of well trained and highly motivated staff and administered Examinations that are valid and also relevant to the educational aspirations of countries members”.  WAEC coordinated exams for over three million (3,000,000) candidates who registered over in a year. They also help in coordinating examinations for other bodies both international and local.


History of WAEC

The University of London School Examinations Matriculation Council and West African Departments of Education and the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate met in the year 1948, about the education in West Africa. The meeting was held in other to discuss the future policy of the education system in West Africa.  During the meeting, they appointed the (Director of the University Of London Institute Of Education) Dr. George Baker Jeffery to go visit some of the West Africa Countries, so as to see the general level and requirements in West Africa.

Jeffery visits the Gambia, Sierra Leone Ghana and Nigeria with the space of three months (December 1949 – March 1950) he also tendered his report which is known as Jeffery report to strongly support the need for West African Examination Council and also making recommendations on composition and duties of the Council. Following Jeffery’s report the group met with the governments of these countries and they all agreed on establishing a West African Examination Council by fully adhering to Jeffery’s recommendations.


The Establishment of WAEC

The Legislative Assemblies of Sierra Leone, Gambia, Ghana and Nigeria gave an ordinance WAEC ordinance No. 40 in order to approve the WAEC in December 1951. The Ordinance agreed to the coordination of exams and to issuing of certificates to students in individual countries by WAEC. In the year 1974 at the annual meeting held in Lagos in Nigeria, Liberia announced their Ordinance. After the success in forming an examination council, the council (WAEC) called their first meeting at Accra Ghana in the year March 1953. The registrar also briefed everyone present at the meeting the progress of the council and also five (5) committees were formed and to assist the council. Below are the committees formed?

  • Public Service examination Committee
  • The Professional, Technical and Commercial Examinations Committee
  • The Local Committee
  • Administrative and Finance Committee
  • School Examination Committee

Vision of WAEC

The vision of WAEC is to be world-class examining body and to also add value or relevant to educational goals of its own stakeholders

Mission of WAEC

There are several missions of WAEC, which is to maintain the standard they have achieved. Below are the under listed mission:

  • To keep providing a qualitative and reliable educational appraisal.
  • To affirm internationally accepted methods.
  • Keep elevating sustainable human resources development, and mutual understanding and international cooperation.

West African Examinations Council 2020 Head Offices

  • Sierra Leone: Mr. V.A.V. James, B.A. (Ed), M. Ed of National Office
  • Nigeria: Mr. Adenipekun Olutise  Sc., M.Sc., M.PA., Head of National Office
  • Gambia: Mr. E.M. S. Njie, B.Sc., Ed (Eval.) Ag. Head of National Office
  • Liberia: Mr. E. M. Lumei, B.Sc., M.Sc., M.A. Head of National Office.
  • Ghana: Rev. J.A. Adotey B.Sc (Edu)

WAEC Endowment Fund

In 1982, the council set up an endowment Fund mainly for collecting/receiving donations to pursue its major capital expenditure of establishing a security printing press; merit awards for outstanding performances in its examinations; fund other educational projects and research.


WAEC Starting and Ending 2020

WAEC 2020 will start May 2020 and end in June 2020. This is to last for exactly one month and a few weeks.

The WAEC 2020 Requirements for Registration

Candidates will be made to pay a non-refundable fee which is the sum Twelve Thousand naira only (#12,000).

  • Candidates might be subjected to biometric in order to capture their fingers.
  • Individuals are to provide black and white passport photographs.
  • Candidates are expected to provide their biodata /personal details (names, 9 subjects, age, etc.)
  • All candidates should be up to 15 years above and should have covered the WAEC syllabus.

How to Register for WAEC 2020

Although most candidates will not register themselves as their respective school will do that for them. Here is the following step to take when applying for WAEC.

  • Visit the WAEC registration portal on http://www.waeconline.org.ng/register/
  • Then click on May/June Candidates
  • Sign up as a new user
  • Then upload your most recent passport photograph(Black and white)
  • Then enter the information in the space given to you.
  • Cross check to see if each of your details are right before proceeding to submit it via the submit button.

NOTE: WAEC syllabus and timetable are also provided via the WAEC portal as well.

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