What is Jumia Pay on Delivery – Shop on Jumia Online Marketplace


Do you often use Jumia to shop (to buy or purchase things)? Have you ever come across paying on delivery? You see, most people have heard of pay on delivery or even Jumia pay on delivery but really, What is Jumia Pay on Delivery? Now, PoD on Jumia represents pay on delivery. With PoD, you can order products and wait till they get to your doorsteps before you pay for it. PoD on Jumia only accepts Nigerian naira if you intend paying in cash. This is one of the safest ways to shop on online marketplaces.

People or rather almost everyone is always afraid of shopping on online marketplaces as it is a big risk. They think, what happens when you have paid for the goods or product you offered but the product is never delivered. This could be a really great loss if you paid a fortune for the product. With the introduction of Pay on Delivery. You can now hold the cash in your hand and pay only when the product is delivered at your doorsteps. I believe you have now understood What is Jumia Pay on Delivery. For short, This can be said to be a payment method that lets you pay with cash. Or card when your order arrives at your doorsteps.


Factors that Can Make you Non-eligible for Jumia Pay on Delivery

There are certain factors that determine whether you are eligible for the pay on delivery or not. Below are some of those factors.

  • You will not be eligible for the pay on delivery if your cart contains an item that has a shipped from overseas.
  • Also, you will not be available for pay on delivery if your total cart value falls below one thousand five hundred naira.
  • You will not be eligible for this payment method if your total cart value exceeds the amount of two hundred thousand naira.
  • Also, if you are in the same location or regions, you will not be eligible for pay on delivery.

There is also one other factor that will make you non-eligible for Jumia’s pay on delivery. If this is not allowed on your account based on your past delivery experience, you will also not be eligible for Jumia Pay on delivery.


How do you pay on Jumia Pay on Delivery

When it comes to paying on Jumia on Delivery, there are only two ways to do so. You can either pay with cash or use your local MasterCard. Other cards like VISA and Verve can also be used to pay on Jumia pay on delivery on their POS machine at delivery. Alternatively, you can decide to pay with cash instead of when the delivery arrives. As said earlier in this article, paying with cash on delivery can only be done with Nigerian naira. Also, international cards are not acceptable on Jumia POS machines.

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