When will Facebook Dating Apps be Available – Dating Apps on Facebook


With the topic of Facebook dating apps going viral, people have been asking, When will Facebook Dating Apps be Available? Facebook dating apps were introduced by the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and since then quite a lot of people have been talking about it. Well, this is a question I will be sure to answer in this article of mine. It is with a heart full of joy that I write this article to you today. Trust me, I will be sure to touch every part of these dating apps and clear all doubts as to When they will be available.

Facebook most far has been one of the most popular social media platforms and its features are well intriguing. To use this platform, you must sign up for an account and I am guessing you already know this. Also, I want to believe that you know that you cannot use any of the platform features without signing up for an account. My point here is that you cannot use these apps if you have not signed up for an account.

That acknowledged rings me to the next point where I will have to tell you that you cannot as well use the platform if you do not have an active data connection. However, with some network providers, you can use the platform for free. That is, you can use the platform without being charged with regular data charges.


When will Facebook Dating Apps be Available


The Facebook dating app is not a separate app. as a matter of fact it is a feature that is available within the main Facebook app. with the question When will Facebook Dating Apps be Available asked, the Facebook dating app is currently available. The Facebook dating app is currently available in over fifteen countries. The company says the dating feature will expand to other countries soon.

How Does the Facebook Dating App/Feature Works

The Facebook dating feature or app works in a very simple way. From your profile, you will find a heart icon. All you need to do is tap on the heart icon. You will be redirected to what Facebook calls your dating home. From this dating home, you can set up a dating profile of which your Facebook friends will not be able to see.

Are there other Facebook Dating Apps

This question is being asked regularly and though some people do not know it, there are other dating apps on the Facebook platform apart from the Facebook dating feature. The steps below will help you find some Facebook dating apps.

  • Go to facebook.com on any internet-connected device and sign in your Facebook account.
  • Now locate and tap on the search bar which you should find at the top of the screen.
  • Enter your search term as dating and wait for your search results.
  • From your search results, tap on “Apps” and watch your search results filtered.

Now I presume you have a view of some of the dating apps on Facebook. As I said, some people do not know of this step.

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