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For those of you out there who have not gone through the redesign of the Yahoo homepage, here’s actually my opinion on the homepage.


  1. The Search Box

The homepage has a widespread search box with links to answer any question. You really do not have to go through any long process before you get what you are in search of. You can find whatever you want right on the Yahoo homepage using the “Yahoo Search Box”. It helps you find and get the exact information you have been searching for.


With the search box, you can find important and relevant pieces of information, documents or even names you need. Use the yahoo search box and discover more every day.


  1. Get It Faster

Right on this homepage, you get fast links to Yahoo services and products such as sports, news, mail, entertainment, finance, local and shopping are all listed on the left side of the homepage.

  1. Be Personal

Yahoo upgrades and increases their users’ experience with weather updates, radio, local news, mail messenger features on the homepage.

For example, when you tap the mail button on the homepage it expands to show your yahoo inbox and emails. So dear users, Yahoo’s homepage is a good step because this home page helps you stay on top of everything going on around you and all over the globe.

Yahoo Homepage Other Features

Do you know? That yahoo added a few other features to this home page, of course! Here’s what is new:

  • My Favorites

The most important change in the homepage is in the right-hand column, which is renamed ‘My favorites’. Meanwhile, in the old design of the homepage, this column contained the yahoo services and products including games, yahoo personals, shopping, and other features. But the new design allows you to choose a variety of services you want including new sites, Facebook and eBay. Yahoo has also transferred yahoo mail messenger and other Yahoo products to the “My favorites” section. When you tap and browse on any of these services, a display comes up with an advertisement for the information you want.

To me, the most interesting and best part is that this function now has a Facebook gadget. The gadget is a full and well-functioned mini-Facebook and it looks so much like the mobile version of the social network. You will definitely love it! This Facebook gadget works so much like the mobile app. It includes all your news feed, your friend’s list, profiles and even link to events and birthdays.

In other words, this means that you can operate on your Facebook account right from the Yahoo homepage. This is interesting!


  • App Maker

You can also add your own widget on your new home page. Yes! You can make yours. All you have to do is to click on the “Add” button with the “+” icon beside it. You will find this just below “My favorites” list and after clicking on it at the top of your gadget list, you can type in the web address of whatever you want to keep track of and give it a name.

If the process is successful, you will find the gadget you added on the Yahoo homepage.

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