Yahoo Online Chat – Yahoo Messenger App | Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Online Chat – Yahoo Messenger App – Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Online Chat has been around for a while now and has become really rapid, everybody will love to chat on yahoo. Well, I guess it is not their fault really, we all know how great and amazing the yahoo platform is when it comes to communication. So today I will like to take this topic really deep, by explaining all that is attached to it. With this article, you are going to understand and know everything concerning the yahoo online chat.

Yahoo Online Chat

Yahoo is a platform whereby you can get the latest updates of new, whether political, sports, or celebrity news. Also, yahoo can be used for business, which can benefit a lot of yahoo users out there. But most importantly you can chat on the yahoo platform because it is also a messaging platform. It enables users, yahoo users to communicate with each other, family, friends and also business partners or associates. But there is this app that allows yahoo users to have access to a wonderful messaging service like Facebook, and Twitter. This app is the yahoo messenger app, now I will tell you what this app is all about. The Yahoo Messenger app was formally known as the Yahoo Chat but was later changed to the Yahoo messenger app.


Yahoo Messenger App

The yahoo messenger app was an instant messaging service from yahoo that was provided for mobile devices, like smartphones and also desktop, through the web and a software program. This yahoo messenger was just like other messaging apps because you can send messages or text free. You can text to friends using your internet as usual.  Also, there are features attached to it too, you can send texts with Gifs, images, emoticons, and also other files. But the yahoo messenger was shut down on July 17, 2018. However, the yahoo messenger wasn’t the only IM program available, because there are lots of alternatives that work like the yahoo messenger. Well which I already know you know, so instead of using the alternative platforms, I will show you how you can easily use the yahoo messaging feature in another way.

Why Did Yahoo Messenger Shut Down?

Well, the reason why the yahoo messenger app was shut down is that it is not common for services, especially long-lasting ones like Yahoo messenger to reach an end. This company evolves, users drop out, the service loses money and also competing services were emerging. According to yahoo the reason why they ended yahoo messenger is to divert time and also resources to other communication tools.

Yahoo Mail

The yahoo mail is a service that allows you to message your friends, family and also business partners. All you have to do is to have a yahoo account. If possible you can also download the app on your mobile device by accessing your app store and search for the yahoo mail app. when seen just quickly download it on your device. After downloading the app access the app or website and click the mail or letter icon at the top. After that, you can compose your message and then send it to the person you want to. You can easily search for users with the search box or bar above. But like I said earlier you must have a yahoo account to perform these actions.


New Yahoo Account Create Free

Like I told you earlier before you can start making use of the yahoo mail service you must have a yahoo mail account which is also known as a yahoo account. So I will be showing how you can easily create this yahoo account if you don’t know how to. Read the steps below:

  • You must firstly access or go to the yahoo website,
  • Once you have access the website just click the “sign-in” mail icon at the top of the page.
  • After that, the next step to take is to click “create account”.
  • You must now fill in details about you as stated on the page.
  • Once you have filled in the details then verify your account.
  • After verification you will now see a congratulation box displayed, just click “Continue” and you will successfully access your yahoo new account.

These are the steps for you to follow when you want to create a yahoo account.

Yahoo Mail Sign In

Well accessing your yahoo account might be a problem for you, but once you follow all the procedures below you will log in to your yahoo account:

  • To access your yahoo account, go to or open the yahoo app.
  • Click the “sign-in” mail icon.
  • Then enter your yahoo details, which are; email password.
  • After or once you have done that, click “sign-in” or “login”.

Once all the procedures are followed then you will have access to your yahoo account.

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