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What are YouTube Ads? YouTube is one of the fastest growing social Media, the YouTube that you well know before now can be used to advertise. YouTube’s growing prominence in popular lifestyle has proven that it is able to function a whole lot greater than just a way to share lovable kitten movies. It has ended up an exceptionally effective venue for having access to large audiences through what we call online advertising and marketing.

YouTube has become the venue through which budding musicians and performers get their first big break. Justin Bieber first got discovered on YouTube, and more lately YouTube has made Psy’s hit “Gangnam fashion” the maximum viral video of all time. And that is not just an empty title.  “Gangnam fashion” has reached nearly 1 billion views, and those views can be equated to critical YouTube marketing sales. YouTube gets over one billion views each day, which would be the second-largest if it were a search engine on its own.


Advertising on YouTube


Considering the fact that Google has taken over YouTube, they have long gone to top-notch lengths to make advertising on YouTube as easy and customizable as creating advertisements in AdWords. The alternatives are numerous, with the 2 major options being displayed video and video ads.

Types of YouTube Ads

There are six different types of YouTube ads, they are listed below.

  • Non-skippable video ads.
  • Bumper ads.
  • Skippable video ads.
  • Overlay ads.
  • Display ads.
  • And Sponsored cards.

Speaking of the ads, I think it is time to talk about the different categories of ads on YouTube. I would begin with the true view ads.


True View Ads

True View ads is a good way to pressure brand engagement onYouTube. YouTube producers who publish True View advertisements often see engagement with their other YouTube content.

True View ads can be skipped after 5 seconds. So it’s essential to make those first five counts. Unless you’re optimizing primarily based on motion or reach, you would only need to pay for these ads. When the viewer watches 30 seconds or more, it makes them quite a safe wager for advertising.

True View ads are available in two formats, In-circulate advertisements, and Discovery ads. Here’s a quick rundown of the variations among the two:

  • In-stream: They have an ad location, video length of up to three minutes, click to your website and no copy length.
  • Discovery: They also have the ad location, the headline of 25 characters, two lines of body copy, click to your website and unlimited video length.


Others would be explained in other contents on this same blog.

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