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The Terms of Use page was set up to clearly state the terms and conditions regulating the use of the Fantips.site website (from now on referred to as the site). The present terms and conditions refer to all the applicable laws and regulations in addition to the visitors right and the limitations of liability. Accessing our site entails your agreement with the present regulations, as well as your full agreement to comply. We advise you to thoroughly read this page. In case you do not accept the terms presented in the Terms of Use, please cease to access the site.

Disclaimer: The terms “Fantips.site” , “we” or “us” indicate the owner of the Fantips.site website. The term “you” refers to any and all viewers, users or readers of the content posted on the site. The “content” refers to all written material, design, layout, videos, graphics, logos, links, etc.

Terms of Use and Regulations

As we value your privacy and the trust you place in us, but also the security of our site, we request the following:

  • Contact details offered to us via comments, sign in form or any other means are not to be revealed to any third parties without acknowledging the consequences.
  • Provide accurate and unaltered personal details while completing the sign in process.

These requirements are set forth to protect your privacy and the privacy of your personal details. Not complying with the terms may lead to the disabling of your account. For more information about the way we collect, use and store your personal information, please visit the Fantips.site Privacy Page.